Netflix DAHMER

Watched the first episode last night, thought Evan Peters was a brilliant cast as Dahmer.

I remember watching the movie about him a few years ago, think it was called My Friend Dahmer, creeped me out at the time.
I cant get away with Peters at all, in this or anything, not sure why just think he has made a living off having a dull, emotionless face and looking a bit weird.
Just started episode 4 . To think there’s probably someone doing the exact same thing as him right now just waiting to be caught 🫣
Doesn't matter how many different ways you read, hear or see something about Dahmer, it still utterly shocks you
Just seen a tweet from a family member of one of his victims, saying the people behind the show didn't ask for their permission to recreate some of the court scenes (the one where they lash out).

Do they necessarily need permission?