Name your top family day out within 1hour of Teesside.


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I love this forum a great reference point.

I like Rob’s local history link also.

A few big days are planned out like Edinburgh and York on the train.

I am also going to take them to the spa at Harrogate and Lincoln for days out also.

Hopefully Captain Cook Museum will be open in the summer.
The Turkish Baths in Harrogate are good (y)


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I don't think that you can go wrong no matter where you choose to take them.

As much as my Australian born wife loved pretty much all that has already been mentioned, it was the little things
that she talked about after we got back to Oz.

The different colours of the fields, stone walls, country lanes, old stone pubs and the low ceilings and huge fireplaces
and all it's history.
Small local museums, antique and book shops, churches and old graveyards, visiting the Bronte house and just driving
and wandering around at leisure were the highlights for her and so much different to her homeland.

This is why " You can't go wrong. It is so much different "

Good luck with it all and would like to hear how it all went after their visit.
Thanks. I will let you know