Mr Harker

He's the guy that owns the George pub in Stockton, often gets himself in ladbible doing food challenges. Does TikTok lives where he sits in Wetherspoons and tells people his table number and not to order anything then argues with staff when they complain or ask him to leave

Ran with his dad as reform uk candidates and got absolutely smashed by labour

Saw a TikTok where he claimed some Turkish 50-60 year old shop keeper came running out of her shop in turkey saying she recognised him from his videos. aye righto
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Had a mate who shared and criticised his posts on Facebook when his idiocy extended to putting ice cream on parmos and those daft ‘would you punch your ex in the face for a parmo’ posts.

Ended up getting his tyres slashed. Careful what you say about him, you might die. Especially if he’s now got a gun.
His Mam is pointing the gun at that fella and has her hand on the trigger. As somebody pointed out in the comment section - never point a firearm at somebody, whether it's loaded or unloaded.

His Dad is ex-army and obviously knows how to handle one judging by his photo.