It's clearly been a very serious illness. I'm surprised it's not come out what the illness is. Yet you have to respect the decision to keep it private. No need to speculate.

The only thing that matters is that he makes a complete recovery. Football isn't really relevant. He may even decide to pack the game in due to age.

He's probably due some quality family time. It can't be easy dealing the stresses and issues of being a full time professional manager. That's clearly down to him and his family. He's a 'football' man so doubt it's that easy to give up.

I read that Bernie and recently visited him and he was 'on the mend'. So that's good news.

Hopefully whatever it was has been found early enough. We should be grateful that managers have superb medical care. The 'issue' was detected on his yearly medical. So well done to them 👍

Get well soon Mogga