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He gave it to Tommy Smith.

Not sure I agree on that, though he certainly played his part today.


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Given the above answers and the fact that Akpom was great and Archer was a f*****g handful, it's easy to see how hard Maddison's choice was today.


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Ricard, Boksic, Yak, Jimmy, Viduka were better strikers to name a few but not knocking Chuba he has been excellent
I think they were out and out strikers but Rav used to play deep at times and link with Juninho in particular.

Viduka maybe up there when he wasn’t injured or resting.


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Difficult to pick one player out today, Archer, Akpom, Mcgree, Smith, Hackney 2nd half, so many good performances. there wasn't one weak link, the whole team played well.
Karanka had us playing like clockwork, very regimented very defensive.. when it was on point it was a sight to behold. Total control.

What Carrick has us doing is something else.. beautiful organic football. Defensive overloads, attacking overloads.. the team is fluid, like a living and breathing organism.

2-1-3-4 attacking to a 5-5 block defending.. it’s jazz man, it’s Coltrane playing Giant Steps

Phew.. tapping feet and clicking fingers.. it’s black berets and cigarettes at half time. Babba boo diop.. dee dee.. dee foo dah diddly up..


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Agree with the comments. The organic 'team' was MOTM.
But for me Hackney just shades it. Controlled the game against (let's face it) premiership players. Starts our forward play off superbly. Always available to take pressure off the team and always looking for that forward pass.
He's an absolute gem.