Megson on Teesside podcast


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Folk duo Megson walk along the Tees for this Folk On Foot podcast with Matthew Bannister.

Every month Matthew goes on a walk with folk musicians and chats to them about their music and career, with some performances along the way.

Now living in Cambridgeshire Megson return to walk along the river Tees from Stockton (where Stu is from) to Debs's home town of Middlesbrough.

"Little did we know that we’d have the worst rain of a rainy winter… Still it made for interesting atmospheric noises!"

You can listen to the podcast here - and also see some funny video clips here!

I saw these guys live in my local theatre back in 2016.

Loved them since.:love: and yes I did go up to them and talk about Teesside.
Megson was their dog.

I have two dogs one called Gordon the other called Tony.

I am always telling them what to do.
Thanks for that, saw them when the played at Stockton Arc last year ( I think it was last year). Great duo and will book up for next year.
Aw that was a nice listen. Sounds of Teesside from afar. Loved the format of that podcast and loved that last song- long shot.