Mason Greenwood - all charges dropped


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I can see him staying at Man Utd tbh..

Would have thought he would be looking for a move away.. maybe abroad?

I wonder if Man Utd will end up paying him off?
Police obvs waited for transfer window to close
Yeah. I thought that too

Manchester United must be trying to get him off the books.. I would have thought so anyway.

There’s always a transfer window open somewhere in the world..

Argentina - today - River Plate

Turkey - 6 days - Fenerbache

Russia - 20 days - Zenit Saint Petersburg

Ukraine - 27 days - Shakhtar Donetsk

Switzerland - 13 days - FC Zurich

China - 26 days..
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Turkey would be ideal for him to go under the radar…

people say innocent til proved guilty, but I think in this case he’s just not been found guilty, there was obviously something going on in his relationship, but it’s been closed by the CPS now and all parties have to move on…

seen comments slagging the accuser off and saying they should now be prosecuted, but may be theyve decided this is the best course for all parties involved…

again, I can’t see him playing for Utd again..
Charges were dropped, meaning it didn't go to court as there was no case to answer. But difficult situation. Greenwood doesn't come across as a likeable fella and we seem to be heading to the situation where someone's life can be totally affected by someone who makes unfounded accusations. I don't think Greenwood will play for United again, more due to United distancing and not paying him over the course of this.
We've all heard the sound recording and seen the photos, so if the CPS have dropped charges surely they don't feel they have a case anymore, which could be because a main witness was not willing to testify? Whatever the reason, everyone knows how he spoke to that girl and the language he used and if he ever steps foot on a pitch again he'll be hounded out before long.
I dont understand why people think football clubs all of a sudden have unscrupulous morals.

Sunderland played Johnson when he was awaiting trial, Lee Hughes was snapped up when he left prison as was Luke McCormick. Clubs were happy to sign Marlon King (including us unfortunately).

Where there's a good footballer morals are quickly forgotten.