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There were not too many people in town yesterday. I wonder whether for some they would have more confidence to go there if they saw more precautions being taken consistently.
My barber bought himself a £50 thermometer and he tests everyone when they come in. He told me he had sent one guy home. That man wasnt happy but admitted he hadnt been feeling that well.
In Hong Kong they take people's temperature everywhere, they have really thorough track and trace, everyone wears masks, they all wash hands constantly yet they have a second wave (probably from air travel and the port). I think we need to step up our game considerably and learn lessons second time around. We dont want a big lockdown again and we all want to be able to watch football again soon.


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First day back in England for 3 weeks following holiday in France.
Took a trip down to my local coffee shop - not a mask in sight inside. Those behind the counter and customers - zilch. I had mine on.
Walked past a male barbers - again not a mask in sight.
Rough estimate - around 30% of general public wearing a mask in the high street.

France - everywhere I went it was masks galore. Even before they were made mandatory you wouldn’t have found a bar, restaurant, coffee shop where the servers weren’t wearing a mask.
Once it was made obligatory the police were out in force. The area I was in isn’t touristy but the police were very visible particularly on market day.

Not sure what the difference is other than their enforcement. You face heavy fines and they get bigger the more you get caught.
Also, of course, from day 1 they were very directive about how far you could travel and for what reason - none of this use your common sense malarky.
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The simple fact is rob that a lack of any form of leadership from this regime at the very beginning (and sadly nothing has really changed since) has led to a weird form of apathy and complacency among the public.

Masks/face coverings should have been mandatory from DAY 1...end of, but instead we got a wishy washy fudge that neither solved the problem or led to a change in culture.

Even now we had scenes of rishi sunak posing for the cameras delivering food in a Wetherspoons not a mask in sight. So why do we expect the public to care when MPs don’t.

This attitude is typified by a colleague at work last month who said she was getting her mask ready for when the govt brought the new rule in... so they wouldn’t be doing until then.

Btw I’ve been arguing for masks from the start and been wearing them from the start as well.


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I just can’t see any argument that wearing a mask is a bad idea, it restricts transmission how can that be a negative.
Scientists spend a fair amount of time reading the data and coming up with a view.There are others who share that view.
Do you not see their argument or do you just disagree with it?
Describing them as ‘idiots’ is just daft.


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Scientists spend a fair amount of time reading the data and coming up with a view.There are others who share that view.
Do you not see their argument or do you just disagree with it?
Describing them as ‘idiots’ is just daft.
Well it is Zorro, who's famous for his mask wearing!


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Btw I wasn’t calling the scientists idiots

Ok so I’ve just read the article and as I thought it’s much more complex than hopeso states and I agree 100% with them

“ It believes they detract from a clear three-pronged message that has kept deaths from coronavirus down to less than half the rate in Britain: wash hands regularly, maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres and stay at home if suffering any symptoms.

The one exception outside of the medical frontline has been on public transport, where masks are mandatory on the basis it is difficult to stay apart on crowded buses, ferries and trains. 'We have seen this approach works,' said Christian Hoebe, a professor of infectious diseases in Maastricht and member of the advisory team. 'Face masks should not be seen as a magic bullet that halts the spread. “

They say that masks do work... but that the social distancing, respecting others by staying at home if feel symptoms And hand washing are more important.

I agree masks are not a magic bullet as they need to be worn in conjunction with other factors.

No argument there.


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So to reiterate Dutch scientists are not anti mask as was initially implied...they just think the other factors are more important.


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I never said they were

But you’ve been a virus sceptic from day one havent you so I doubt you’d wear one anyway.
Alas you are wrong. I wear one in places I'm required to. I don't wear one at home and I don't wear one in my parents home either.

And yes you did. "Idiots like this".
If I am going into town, I will put my mask on when I get out of the car and keep it on unless having a drink or coffee. You soon get used to it but I do understand the misting up of your glasses. I was with my grown up kids, who only wore them in shops, they couldn't see the point of wearing them in the street but instead they were carrying their face masks. They both have connections with the health service. I just despair why we are all at odds with the advice or spirit of the advice given. Why not do everything we can to try to get this virus beaten.