Marcus Tavernier


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McNair is the No 1 for dead balls. Not his greatest game today. Just looked tired.

Tav is just not consistent enough on corners/free kicks. Something he needs to work on very hard

Train Guy

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He gives it his all but delivers very little. He is 21 and very lightweight. If Mcnair had taken it. he would have scored and would have won. Just like Wing, Tav tries hard but just does not cut it. At the end of the day we do not have the squad to choose from.


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McNair kicked his last penalty for us straight at the keeper.

Sometimes players are just unfortunate, I wouldn't be too harsh on Tav for that, especially when he actually put it in the net and it was very harshly ruled out given I've yet to see any conclusive evidence that he touched it twice (and I really wish I could see that second touch).

Here's Pukki's last penalty before today and he's an excellent player:



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If only McNair had taken it and simply side footed it to the side of the goal. A clear miss by a consistent player. No arguments, no jaw clenching, no sleepless nights..