Marcus Rashford MBE

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Watching Marcus Rashford on breakfast TV this morning he comes across as a very modest, unassuming and basic thinking lad.
He has brought to light a problem that has been there for years now.
Children from some backgrounds were going hungry when attending school which was obviously detrimental to their schoolwork, and general health.

Its disgraceful that it has taken this still very young man to highlight the problem.
He knows what he is talking about because less than 7 or 8 years ago, he was one of those kids.

I am from a generation that had wholesome proper school dinners,two courses, vegetables, and not a chip to be seen on the plate, a proper pudding for afters and plain water to drink.
We were never hungry after all that.
Less advantages children received all the above free as a matter if course.

The generation of politicians who dispensed with all this are hopefully spinning in their graves for an eternity.


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Take a bow son, you’re mum will be ever so proud and rightly so.

Footballers as a group tend to be portrayed in a bad light, but for every Kyle Walker or Phil Foden, there is a Marcus Rashford and George Friend. Most footballers do great work behind the scenes, quietly helping to brighten the lives of vulnerable folk our governments pay lip service to. Yes, they are privileged, but nobody holds a gun to their heads to carry out their community support roles.
Well done Marcus and all the unsung lads up and down the country we never get to hear about giving a little back to society, I salute you.
Well said Coluka. I’ve been fortunate enough to know a few footballers and one or two other very wealthy individuals in my time and the footballers have always been far more generous with their time and money when it comes to helping charities and kids. Most people who have earned or inherited wealth through businesses think they did it through their own hard work and don’t need to give back to people who haven’t put the work in to do the same.


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Not dismissing the spirit of the thread but I believe that most clubs, and definitely the boro, players are all contracted for x number of hours doing community stuff. Quit rightly so, in my opinion.