Luton Town vs Middlesbrough - SKY

My misses just let me add Sky Sports to my package 😄 I said if we don't go up I'll cancel it in a mood anyway. Might as well considering they might as well be Sky Boro
Looks like I will have to take in a London non league game that weekend now.

Any recommendations? 😔
Ah so it is, I didnt notice Coventry lurking on a Monday in my calendar.

We'll be promoted by then, it won't matter when that Coventry game is.

I'm expecting the players to play it in drunken haze, some not even turning up... Forss with no top on, Giles mortal, Lenihan battered and bruised after falling off the Dickens roof.

The only sober one will be Howson, who was in bed with a Horlicks the night before watching Murder she Wrote.