Luke Thomas - Sign Him!


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Ideal material for Michael Carrick to mould into the player he wants.
Experience against the biggest teams in the Premiership and also in Europe.
This young man will be a major component in our team next season.
Sign him.


Thomas scores his first Premier League goal in Leicester's 2-1 win at Old Trafford in May 2021.
It was Foxes first win at Old Trafford in 23 years!


Thomas has seen action for the England U21`s.


In the team which won the European U21`s Championship.


Thomas helped Leicester lift the FA Cup in 2021 by defeating Chelsea. [Aged 19]


Thomas is all smiles as he holds the Community Shield as Leicester beat Manchester City in 2021.


Thomas made his European debut in the UEFA League v AEK Athens in 2020, when Foxes won 2-1.

This lad is no fledgling amateur and can put some of our elder statesmen to shame. He's only 22. We've seen nothing of what this lad is capable of yet, and we`de be fools not to sign him.
I'm not overly convinced. Yet he's done enough in his young career to suggest he must have 'something'.

Although I'm not sure LB should be our priority. We already have 2 that we are not sure about. That said they will be all the better for this seasons experience. I do wonder if we have an eye on signing Thomas. I can't see any other reason as to why he has started the last two. Engel was doing alright.

I think RB is more of an issue. Although I'd like us to sign Ayling. I think he's been terrific in the last few weeks. Also fits that 'leader' issue.

That said plenty on here don't want Ayling or Thomas. Apparently we can 'do better'. It's not that simple as finding 'better'. Just look at how many LBs we've had. We've spent 3 years looking to find anyone remotely as good as Howson in CM😂
No thanks.

Shown absolutely nothing since we signed him.

We also have two recently signed left backs already.

Bangura's back from injury soon and allegedly Engel has been playing through an injury for a while now, which is presumably the reason we loaned Thomas to begin with.
Both will be fit next season.

Why spend more money on a position we're not short in?
He played much better yesterday after having back to back games. Our idiot fans (yes that's you) just expect a 22 year old to walk straight into the team and be a world beater. He's also playing in a team in good form now which we weren't when he came into the team.

If he plays like yesterday for the rest of the season then he's worth a punt if the deal suits us. Same with Ayling.
He’s had one game where he hasn’t been poor - yesterday. Not enough to start a public campaign to sign him! 😂

He’s had one game 'half' where he hasn’t been poor - yesterday.
(and he almost gave away a penalty/should have been booked after letting someone get round him again)
There hasn't been much between him and Engel so far. He had a decent game Saturday but I would want to see another 5 of them or better before I considered signing.

He's quite a bit younger than Engel though and definitely more scope for improvement. He looks technically better and a bit quicker over a couple of yards. Just looks a bit lightweight. I think Thomas is a player that is more likely to improve than Engel.
He’s had one game 'half' where he hasn’t been poor - yesterday.
(and he almost gave away a penalty/should have been booked after letting someone get round him again)
A lots been made of that. He was one on one quite a few times in that second half and defended well. The one time he was beaten he pulled his man down to stop the ball coming across. It was one of those take one for the team moments because a free kick is better to defend from that position than the ball across would have been. I don't mind that, we've lacked a bit of that all season.
He was a good player for Leicester a couple of seasons ago - played 90 mins in 20+ games in the PL at 19 years old. The Leicester fans liked the look of him too.

If he doesn't extend his contract and he's available on a free - I'd definitely give him a long term deal here.
I have an opinion, just like you, in this case we will have to agree to differ.
Maybe time will prove one of us right, maybe not.
At the end of the day it is Carrick's decision that matters on Thomas's future.
Engel isnt good enough, Bangura might be if he's ever fit

On this basis Thomas seems a decent option and I believe he will improve the more he plays
We’re not in a position to sign top young English players who are at the top of their game and absolutely flying. We have to sign lads like Rogers who have potential but whose careers have stalled for whatever reason, and hope to improve them.
Definitely showed glimpses of why he was very highly rated a couple of years ago on Saturday, he could well be the right sort of signing.