London R rate just below 3

Artie Fufkin

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Because the govt cant bring themselves to lock down London. The North, yes, but not London and the SE

I'm pretty sure they will be soon though as to not do so would be catastrophic given the current R rate. Its not flattening as some believe, infection is clearly increasing rapidly
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Fathomable is a great word, not sure if it's a real word, but I like it.

On the post subject... Paah are you saying we have a southern centric government? Surely not.

Billy Horner

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You’ve got to remember this is a survey.

One of the things I always remind people about surveys is that they’re not really designed to give you a definitive ‘answer’. They’re more to give you an idea of scale and direction of travel.

Presuming that their sample was both representative and large enough, I would have confidence in their findings at a national level. Once you start drilling down below that, you risk having a more skewed sample from which you extrapolate results to make questionable estimates. The authors of this report have pretty much said so themselves.

Their findings on the national picture are worrying enough. We shouldn’t get too distracted by the minutiae.


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Fathomable is a great word, not sure if it's a real word, but I like it.

If only you had access to a system where you could look up the word almost instantly and get a dictionary definition... :D

Full national lockdown at tier 3 can't be far away. I think they're just dithering again like they did back in February because they don't want to be responsible for 'cancelling Christmas'.

Utterly incompetent.


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The governments actions are purely dictated by PR/spin and the cowardice of BloJo. A national lockdown will be bad for their image so we'll end up with one by default pretty soon, everyone in a tier of some sort, but they'll try and spin it to save face.


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Looks to me like they're waiting to see what the big players in Europe do first. Now France have led the way, we'll surely have to follow at nationwide tier 3 level at least.

Because, you know, we won't be led by those people on anything will we....