Leighton James RIP

Terry Cochrane always reminded me a bit of Leighton James, both quick feisty wingers. And, if memory serves, both at one time played for Burnley. RIP Leighton.
I always think the true test of how good non Boro footballers are is if you can remember them from the matches against Boro and I certainly remember James.

Good player for Burnley in his era, RIP.
First away game without an adult was Burnley in 1971, the top two sides met at Turf Moor and they hammered us 5-2. He, Steve Kindon and Paul Fletcher ripped us to bits. Martin Dobson superb in midfield
Horrible coincidence that he is featured nemesis player in this months fmttm
Yes. I was just about to mention this. Obviously it was printed and published before we heard the news.
It is a tribute to player that often tormented us over a long career. Sadly we were not able to send lour deepest condolences.
The first thing I remember is a thriller Boro 3 Burnley 3. He scored the last goal and went mad!

I left the holgate early with my two mates and we joined upwards of a hundred other hoolies waiting for the gates to open so we could run and have a go at the Burnley fans. Stewards open the gates and we ran in behind quite a few others then saw a line of pigs with dogs blocking our way. Some of the dogs were let off their leash with the others barking like f**k pandemonium and I then left for the station having lost both my mates.
Got mugged in the station underpass for my silk scarf by two Boro fans who had got chatting with me down linthorpe road.

Served me right for being a snide little wannabe hooligan. Lesson learnt.

RIP to a fine winger 😞