Leeds tickets taken off sale


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Once again, when a Saturday game is moved to a different day and time the ticket system isn't updated. So noone can buy tickets until the ticket office opens on Monday. I cannot believe they keep doing this. They must wonder why noone is buying any tickets at all.
Not showing for me. I have messaged Seakgeek themselves who managed it for Boro. They don't seem to have a clue what I'm talking about. Maybe @fmttmadmin could let Yvonne or someone at the club know. It's pretty poor really.
SeatGeek have said they turn them on and off at the request of the club. But have said they will pass the information on.
Are they switched off to stop Leeds fans buying them?
But Leeds fans have been able to buy them all week? I'm guessing any that were going to do that, would have by now. It's just preventing Boro fans from buying them.

Like someone said further up the thread. It seems be a problem in the system with Saturday games that get moved. They still go off sale on the Saturday
I've seen a Leeds fan , with his brother post his actual tickets ( seat , stand row ) on FB today .
He'll have a TS postcode.
Stealth brag about sneaking in.
Luckily he's a harmless fanni
It's a joke they aren't on sale on the weekend before a Monday night game.

The club will lose revenue, some who would have bought tickets will get to Monday and just decide to watch it on TV. It's shocking really.