Leeds or Burnley?


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The form the Mags are in, I can see them beating Burnley, even if they should be on the beach. Positions to play for next season

I can see Leeds getting a point at Brentford.

So while I want Burnley to stay up, I reckon dirty Leeds will just edge it.

Personally I'd hate to see Leeds back down as they'll be on every other Sky game. Again!


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Think Leeds will, sadly, survive but objectively won’t it be better for boro etc if Burnley go down? Do you think Leeds will be able to retain a stronger squad?


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Definitely cheering on Burnley. I watched them last night and jumping around and shouting as much as any Boro game😂

That said i think they have the harder game. I fancy Leeds at Brentford (although not sure why based on form). The mags are flying. Burnley are pretty awful.

Wood scoring the winner and sending then down. In football terms it's 'nailed on'.


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Tough one to call, probably Leeds will have more fire power in the Championship whereas Burnley with their financial issues might struggle so for that reason Burnley.
Although I'd love to see Leeds go down, what a laugh that would be, down to earth with a rude awakening.


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I'm actually not too bothered which of Leeds or Burnley go down now. I'm just gutted that Palace let Everton off the hook last night.

I really wanted Everton to get relegated. In fact feeling a bit flat that it hasn't gone to the last day.

(Palace 2-0 up and getting rolled over. Chelsea didn't even turn up for their recent trip to Goodison).


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Leeds, Leeds and Leeds every day of the week. Used to like them in the 70s as a kid and they were my second team, but after going there for a Boro game when I was about 14 and getting the **** kicked out of me by 4 blokes old enough to be my dad so they could nick my scarf, I've hated them ever since and wanted nothing but disaster for the club.


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Think Burnley will pull a win from somewhere. Not fussed like, two thoroughly unlikeable clubs. Leeds is a decent away day though, Burnley is brutal.