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New netflix movie. I think I've said what the ****, I'm confused, what the **** is going on all throughout this movie. I'm about half way through, anyone else seen it?
Watched it last night. Total dross. Possibly a good idea for a film but badly made.Even the music was terrible.
Ending really annoyed me.

A very odd film - thought the acting was poor but almost as if it was on purpose.
Terrible Movie! shame as its a cracking cast and is well shot in places. Its almost as if its a movie designed for people not to watch properly and watch over the top of their phones. I must admit its very slow pace and peculiar dialogue had me reaching for my phone more than once. Save yourself a few hours and don't bother.

I Definitely felt it was intentionally bad, whether to get people talking or about it, or as some kind of artistic dig at the current state of movie production, Whacking a big star in it and pumping some marketing behind it sadly means more than a decent script and performance these days.
Watched it on Saturday. Expected a lot more. It would have been unbearably boring if it wasn’t for the creepy soundtrack.
It could have been so.much more....
It's got me thinking though
Life would be q confusing mess in that scenario.- maybe it's designed to make you feel frustrated
It just never really explained anything
I thought it was 2 hours of my life i'll never get back. Had some good ratings so thought i'd give it a watch, totally pointless film
I thought it was odd.
Did I read the opening credits correctly? Julia Roberts was a producer. Nothing strange about that but also Michelle Obama?