Kieran Scott at Craven Cottage last night


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That guy is a youth scout at Fulham so assuming it's academy players he is looking at?


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Says he's a Fulham youth scout, but not sure why he'd be leaking info like this. Hope it's true though, James would be a great signing for us.


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Looks like a windup on closer inspection. No mention of Fulham on their previous tweets and then all of a sudden a few in less than 24 hours linking us with one of their players.

Simply red

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Josh Onomah would be the obvious choice
Not getting a game
£2m valuation
Age 25
Ticks the boxes.
Harry Wilson or Dan James would be very good
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According to the same guy we have asked for Harry Wilson
Shy kids get nowt!
“During Neil Warnock’s press-conference he admitted he had ‘asked’ about Harry Wilson prior to his £12m move to Fulham from Liverpool”

Maybe we could get him in on loan?

Would that see Isaiah Jones moving?
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