Johnson had birthday party during Lockdown


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From Dr. Rosena Allin-Kahn MP
‘I did not know it was my birthday, or that I had planned a birthday party. I just walked in and there was my wife, friends and a cake with candles.’ ‘Yes, they sang Happy Birthday to me, but we’ll wait for the report to see if it was an actual party.’
Just go you tossser.

There is obviously more to come. Someone really is doing a job on him. Just as they try to change the narrative and grub around for another dead cat...



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Christ. This got beyond a joke months ago. I am at a loss over whether BJ not budging is becoming something to admire now or be angry about.


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There was cake, balloons and they all sung Happy Birthday to him.

But he implicitly believes it was a work gathering 🤣
To be fair you can see how he might be confused. Half the "meetings" in number 10 during lockdown seem to have involved party food, alcohol and associated paraphernalia.


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Am I alone in enjoying this. Pmqs on Wednesday is going to be a hoot.
I understand t there are real world consequences here. I can't do anything about those so let's enjoy the train wreck.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) there will be some serious questions to ask out of the six Starmer has available to him.

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