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Hi guys,

I’m off to JC for a MRI scan on my knee and was just wondering how you pay for parking. Is it cash only in a machine in the car park or do you need to take your ticket and pay inside the hospital?

Thanks in advance.
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If u go to yhe car park near the endeavour over on the left its card or monthly pass only. Machines near the way in. On the right its both. Id avoid the one nearest the main entrance normally its the buisiest. But think its quieter cos not as much getting done in hospitals at the minute


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The hospital seemed strange tonight with hardly anyone about. It reminded me of an East German hospital prior to the wall coming down.

Thanks again for all of the advice.


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Its free for 30 minutes i.e for pick and drop off. I remember taking my mum a number of times and putting a lot of coins into those parking machines for a 2 hour stay.