Isaiah Jones — stick or flog?

We are better with him in the team. He said it feels like home here so I am sure an extension will be offered and signed. We have always said his final ball needs to be more consistent and after a couple of seasons of not improving in this area he might not ever get that aspect of his game right, but he gives us an out and is pleasing on the eye in the main.
He is a young winger who didn't come through an academy. He's a bit inconsistent, not a surprise there really.
I really like Jones and apart from Lath, he’s our only outlet.

There are a couple aspects of his game that have never really kicked on though.

It always looks like he never really puts enough power into a shot or cross.

That shot yesterday for example, should have absolutely buried that. Good save by the keeper yes, but shouldn’t have even been given a chance.
He’s a strange one like people say we seem to be a better team with him in yet it’s hard to see what positive things he actually brings to the team at the moment.
I think it’s fair to say (this season) Jones has been one of our better performers without pulling up any trees.. He probably ranks as (in championship terms) a decent performer (7.0) over the past few seasons but those stats have probably declined from his performances in 2022, when he was outstanding.

The question is for the club now has Jonesie run his course with the Boro? With a year left on his contract I’m sure he’ll command a sizable pay rise with his next contract. But is he worth giving another contract when his performances this season have been borderline average? Maybe flog him for £5m+ would be good business for a player who probably needs a new outlook to take him to the next level?

Isiah is 25 this year so he probably has another 3-4 years left in the tank to compete at this level or maybe higher. Personally I think he’s been too inconsistent this season and while his defensive game has improved I think his output on crossing and passing have not improved (perhaps declined) so I don’t see any EPL teams taking a risk on him.

Based on what I saw today I even thought that Swansea’s Brazilian winger Ronald looked more suited to our style of play and would probably give us a better edge up front to support Latte or any decent striker.

It’s a bit of a dilemma for the club on what path to take with Isaiah, especially as he recently stated he’s settled on Teesside, so it would be a jolt to Jones’ to have to move on.

Definitely a good discussion point for the summer silly season.
If they sell him the club can f off.
When you talk to other club’s fans they seem to rate, similarly with Latte Lath. Those two should be our main attacking threats next season. He’s also not too shabby as a wing back.
Jones is absolutely a player you want to keep.
I personally would play Forss in that RF position in front of Jones but he is a very useful player in the squad.

We need 6 good quality players in those 3 positions that play behind the striker. And Jones is absolutely good enough to be one of them. It would be nice if he could just add a few more goals to his game.
He is a key part of the squad. His final ball could be better but he still contributes plenty.

His pace makes us a threat on the break and he offers protection to the full back that has been non existent on the left this season.