Incredibly Sad Songs.

Song about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes by police at Stockwell underground station in 2005.

Without You by Harry Nielson

Love Song ( written by Stockton's Lesley Duncan and also recorded by Elton John - prefer Lesley's original version) Liked her stuff anyway - check her out.
This is probably the saddest song on my iPod. Certainly now that Ive deleted all the Radiohead songs. Honourary mention to Richard Manuel's compositions for the band notably whispering pines. I don't think any of them are truly sad though. If they were I wouldn't listen to them.

This version of Honey is just as good as Bobby Goldboro.
There's a documentary about "Orion The man Who Would Be King", well worth a view and quite sad. Just noticed this doco is on BBC iplayer Storyville

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