I'm not sure i like this board!


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At least if I select a thread, I get on to it. On the old site, on a mobile, the list of threads would move just as I put my finger down. Also, it's quicker to respond to reply posts. No dreaded three second wait wondering if the post would post; hopefully this board stats responsive when everyone arrives.
It's far superior on mobile hardware with much more user friendly features. If you put this one side by side with the old board on a desktop, I'd pick the old one, purely for its simplistic layout. Of the 2, this board wins though, it's the board we all wanted for the most part, so to poo poo it would be churlish
I don't like that you have to page through replies when there's more than 10 or whatever. People aren't going to bother.

I do like being able to use italics at last. Let's hope they are used sparingly.
LOL - Like Fair86 said, isn't that the point of forums? It would be more rubbish if there weren't any replies to page through!!