I always knew trumps demise would be spectacular but wow

Man the barricades and pass the vegetables.

Plenty of it about on the net, including of course the Daily Mail.

She looks too surprised at being maced to have considered taking onions to a "revolution". Reckon some french Q-Anons were on hand to hand out much needed revolonions.


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Does Trump actually have any relationships that he doesn’t completely destroy the moment anything other than complete sycophancy is shown?

Does he ever pay for anything? Bloke is an utter skinflint.


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“ Trump has spent his entire life not paying people”

There were people in his early days, ( 80’s NYC) and later who he made sure he paid. It was not a good idea to default with those people.


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They must be expecting trouble at inauguration day. 25,000 troops in Washington D.C. right now.

Pelosi wanting to stop access to nuclear codes? Hmm, what's her agenda?


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I can’t get over the clip of them, all hillbillies, who would ride round in pick up trucks, firing guns in the air and whooping........didn’t realise these cretins actually existed.