I’m finding it hard to be cheerful


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I’m having the beer, music is a good idea, not been listening to much lately. Went for a walk today, cleaned out the fridge, cooking for my wife with my son tonight, just not cheerfully


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Hopefully you start to pick having a meal with your family, I've been there enough times over this lockdown, plenty of walks, earphones & music
Sitting in the garden with my son & wife raises my spirits
Take care, fingers crossed you start feeling better 👍


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I know how you feel BB. I don't want to get out of bed on a morning these days. My depression is getting back to the stage it was a few years back. I enjoy helping the kids with their schoolwork and that helps a lot. I have a very understanding wife so I am luckier than many people who have no one. But those dark clouds are getting thicker to the point where I am very close to tears. Coming on here helps too. Take care mate and stay safe.


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I feel your pain pal.. Just keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.
I keep thinking I'm privileged to have what I have and how dare I complain but it just doesn't change that this is a very unnatural way for humans to be.
Just remember you're not alone and it will get better.


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Thanks for the kind encouragement, I don’t feel depressed, just flat.

I guessed others would feel similar and wondered how they countered it?

mebbe go out for a drive tomorrow
I'm the same to be honest. Other half is working her socks off (Works in travel and is dealing with A LOT of corona fallout) and we both kind of just veg out of a night. Genuinely we are doing less together even though we are in the same house 24/7. It's just draining at the moment.

Going for a drive is a good thing. I inadvertently had to do that today as her car battery went flat so gave it a jump and took it for a spin.

Walking always helps me but, if like me you're bored of the same old walks then why not head out to somewhere quite and explore somewhere new?


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I often find going through old photo's helps too. Brings back a lot of memories, same as a song will suddenly trigger something in your mind and your memory goes off on one.
Beloved is sorting out photo's at the moment going right back to Prior Pursglove days 84-87 (yes we were teenage heartthrobs), been great going through them and brought back loads of memories.
I've had moments over the past nine weeks. Days when being at home with my six year old daughter has been tough. I've been working (teacher) on reports and curriculum redevelopment/subject lead stuff a lot. Then I have felt guilty about not spending that time with my daughter. When spending time with her, I've felt guilty about not working. My wife who is a lead in the NHS, has been working her socks off and coming home knackered. We've had to cancel my daughter's birthday party. My wife's birthday was back in April too so we did the best we could. We had to cancel an Easter holiday, instead, I went to work and looked after key worker children. It's so hard to remain upbeat.

There have been some upsides though. Long walks in the sun. Drinking lots of beer and not feeling too guilty about it. The weather, which on the whole has been glorious! Actually getting this time with my daughter, which I'll never get again. Not having senior leaders at work on your case (see managers at work). I've still looked forward to weekends, as the three of us are together.

Had a meeting at school today about how we are returning. Just having some dates, arrangements and certainties about the next few weeks, made everything feel a bit more predictable and manageable. We got a Sky Q box installed today. We have some work being done to improve our garden in a few weeks time. Little things to look forward to help.

Oh, and I've discovered that I really do like my house, my job, the people I work with and that our school community really do value us. Don't care what the press and a few sausages on social media say, I feel valued for what I do. There are a lot of positives.

Things are returning to something more normal. Slowly, but it's starting and the pace will quicken.


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Lots of people are struggling - my cousin is having quite a tough time of it. I’d say try doing something you enjoy. Personally I found yoga life transforming years ago - I know some can’t do it if they have some disability but if you can I’d recommend it

I think my reasoning is based on the fact that I am at home with the wife safeguarding and this time last year things looked even blacker than today.

Cherishing the time we can spend together doing simple things like gardening, decorating etc.

The future for us looks rosy. 👍

Hopefully things will look better for you in the near future.

Until then take care...

...and stop feeling guilty.Please
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