Howson and Hackney on the bench

I accept Howsons fitness maybe a concern but better to start then replace if required, particuarly with 5 subs allowed.
I dont agree Wing was excellent he was average but is generally too slow in my view.
Wing certainly wasn’t excellent. He normally does well against Brum though so can see the logic in playing him if Howson and Watmore only fit enough for the bench. Nice to see Hackney on there
I wrote Wing off a while back but it has to be recognised that he is playing much better these days.

Yeah still think he struggled defensively against Brentford though. He does well against Brum though so wouldn’t be surprised to see him score against them again today! Quite like the line up
Wing was as from excellent last week as you could get.
I hope the lad has a good match today all the same, an important match this.
Completely disagree but that's opinions. He regularly spread great balls out wide, drove us forward and looked to break things up. Everyone's expecting him to play like Scholes every week, he has limitations like lots of players at this level.