How much would you say you spend, on average....

Per month, on ONLY the following:
  • food/groceries (ie not eating out, just basically what you stock your cupboards with month to month)
  • toiletries/household items (ie soap/cleaning products/dishwasher tablets that sort of thing etc)
  • clothes for your kids
So in other words, no luxuries, just what you need to get by month to month on the above. Only really interested in figures from families with at least one kid.

I have a figure in my head of what I think we spend on this stuff and it fucking terrifies me :eek:
It's about 250/month for us with no kids (but you could add 80+ for the 2 cats onto that), so factoring in 1 little 'un, it's prob about 750 minimum. About time he started working and paying some board
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Cheers for replies.

Your post has cheered me up a bit red. We spend more than that but we spent a ruddy fortune on supermarket veg to be honest, which is at least accountable.
Supermarket veg can be expensive yes, but can be cheap if you buy loose products instead of packaged (no plastic either), and also if you buy locally or in season instead of beans shipped in from Kenya for example