Hoppe called up to USA squad


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USA play Serbia on the 25th and Columbia on 28th this month, and Matthew Hoppe has been called up to the squads.

No place for Steffen, but from what I’ve read, these January fixtures they have tend to be mainly MLS players, wonder if we have gave them permission to include Hoppe given his lack of game time?

This will rule obviously him out of the Watford game.



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Good luck to the lad

He's good enough to play for an internatonal side that matched England in a world cup game

He has to have something, so many coaches pick him, might be just a case of waiting for the penny to drop


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To be fair to the lad, he`s had few minutes and mostly as sub. He was totally disrespected by one "Manager" who lumped him in as a "development player" and never gave him a decent chance. Carrick has already praised him, saying:

Hoppe? "He`s a great lad. I really like him. He comes in training everyday and hes a good part of the squad, in terms of his personality and character. He comes in with a great attitude and is...striving to get better all the time". The Gaffa is aware that he might not have had as many minutes "as he would like", but he emphasised there is a long way to go and the lads have to earn their plasce in the team.



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Akpom was 26 years old and offered nothing - then all of a sudden, play him 10 yards deeper and he's arguably our most valubale and important player

And yet some fans on here seem to be writing off a 21 year old with minimal experience in British football

He's 21 but in terms of expriencing and adapting to British football hes a 16 year old