Health and Wellbeing


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In all walks of life mental health is a huge problem and is devastating to families all over.

Those in need of help often stay silent about the issues that trouble them every minute of every day.

Rail Wellbeing have launched an event to tackle these issues.

I know it`s specifically targeted at the Rail sector but anyone can register and may help someone where they didn`t think help would come from


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Looks like a good initiative, personally on mental health I have ups and downs as we all do, I manage to keep that in check by a lot of exercise, running, playing football etc. I do often wonder how I will cope when I am no longer capable of running or exercising sufficiently.


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It is tragic at the moment.
My partner (therapist/counsellor for over 25 years) is snowed under at the moment. Frankly, it isn't doing her any good, but she really doesn't want to stop helping vulnerable people.

For the last few years it has been 20-40 year old males but that appears to be broadening with more and more young women struggling.
The worst, sadly, is still to come.

It's great to see posters openly discussing mental health issues(y)