Hayden Hackney

Hackney will be going nowhere. No premier league team is going to sign Hackney for big money on the back of 30 odd games. If he has another great season, and that might depend on the ability for us to recruit well alongside him as much as his own ability, then I could see it happening summer 2024, but not before, i’d be surprised. I am far more worried about recruitment than i am about retention.
If a top club sign Hackney I presume they will loan him out straight away as he won’t get in their first team squad.
Rumour was that England were trying to convince him to switch.

Either way, if it's because of a move to the senior Scotland squad, or a move to the England U21s, it's an upgrade.

Only real negative is if he's out of the squad through injury.

He's not in the England U21 squad, so it looks like that's not the reason.