Has the Culture Minister had a few here?

Maybe she should take a seat on the opposition front bench..........as alluded to by her gaffer ?
I thought this a few weeks ago in light of the Partygate scandal but sadly hardly any of these moderate Tories will put their letters in. Principles have well and truly being abandoned by the Conservative Party (you could argue since the Brexit referendum).

I do struggle to see how any reasonable person could support Johnson and the current crop of Tory MP's (apart from the few that have made a stand). They are all failing on the Nolan Principles.
Yep all about riding that gravy train did You hear one such Tory fledgling at pmq’s today he stood up to praise boris and mentioned his roll in helping the nhs and tackily tagged on his constituency name at the end clearly just a token appearance to make himself look good to central office. .

It was shameful
Talking of Culture.

The BBC series, CIVILISATION with Kenneth Clark made in 1969 is on at the moment.

its got all episodes on i-player and is in my humble opinion, outrageously good.
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