Harry Winks up for grabs….


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If Spuds get an offer at £40 million! Frankly even at today’s inflated prices he is worth nowhere near that figure. If Levy gets a bite at that price it will arguably be the best piece of business he has ever achieved.

Winks, to me, is decidedly average and a limited player.


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Doesn’t necessarily mean he is any good! When Spuds have a full squad to choose from I doubt he would get in a first 11


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Good player Harry Winks had some excellent games in europe for spurs against good opposition. think the european games suit him. If he was foreign he would be much more appreciated.


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There'll be some dull mid-table PL club willing to pay it, like Everton, or Villa.


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He's tidy on the ball but that's about it.

7 goals and 4 assists in 209 appearances for Spurs says it all.


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Was decent not long ago at all. Southgate rated him so highly he wanted to build the England squad around him.

Mourihno absolutely killed him, as he's done with many. Must be hard to go from an absolute star in the making, to not even in the squad. Wouldn't say he's a £40 million player by any stretch, though who really is? However, if Spurs are wanting to get rid of him they'll need to drop that as they've not played him for near on 2 years.