Gyokeres. Armstrong, Larsen...? No, Forss & Hoppe...

Yeah, option's are ideal but I just can't see why any aspiring strikers would want to come to Boro and sit on the bench with the odd start. They have no chance of being successful.
Wilder basically played the same eleven bar the strikers last season because the other nine proved themselves to be best available, he would have done the same with the strikers if they had consistently performed,it's up to those getting a game to make him pick them regularly so they wouldn't be here if they didn't have aspirations of playing and moving forward with their careers.
Do you know I think big Uche might do better than Akpom. He tries 100 % and could cause problems on the end of Giles crosses.
I also wouldn't let Coburn out on loan until we get some proven signings in .
I get what you‘re saying about Uche, but, he’s blowing out of his **** after 10 minutes so he’s never going to get in a Wilderball team.
Again, Middlesbrough are not the only team that press yet others manage to have strikers that play the majority of games. We have become obsessed with rotation and for me, is part of the reason none of our recent strikers have been successful.

We need 2 strikers that play the majority of games to build a partnership and confidence. Rotating between 5 won't do that, and neither will keeping 3 on the bench.

I think he'll play his best 2 most weeks, as he did with Sheff United. The reason he's rotated while he's been here I think is more because no-one did well enough to really deserve starting every week. I think you've got the cause and effect the wrong way round. We've rotated because they're not good enough. They're weren't underperforming because they were being rotated.

We're not the only team that press, but not all teams press the same way. We expect our strikers to do a lot of work and play at a high intensity. Which means he often looks to change them after around 70 mins. I'm sure some could last the 90 but it's a tactical choice from the manager to do that. He obviously believes it gives us something having those fresh legs on the last 15-20 mins.

This means if you're a striker coming here, even if you're not first choice, chances are you're going to get a lot of minutes and opportunities to stake your claim.

We need 4 because we play with 2. Two players for every position ideally. It's an attractive prospect for players because you know you'll get a chance.
The only players we have bid for that we know, that we haven’t signed are Strand Larsen and Greaves. Who has slipped through our hands exactly?
Simple facts. If we are creating chances, and the forwards are scoring, they will keep their place in the team (at least start). If - for example - Forss and Hoppe strike up an understanding, play well together then they will become the go to forwards for the important games.
Wilder has never had this luxury as the creativity has been poor and the forwards even worse. So he's had to jiggle and juggle probably as much to do with the opposition and which forwards would be better suited playing against certain defences/players.
Now, hopefully, let the opposition worry about us.
It would have cost 40 million to bring those three in, and we still need to strengthen in 3 other positions too. If we had that sort of money we wouldn’t be in the championship
The only players we have bid for that we know, that we haven’t signed are Strand Larsen and Greaves. Who has slipped through our hands exactly?
We also bid for Thomas Henry, I believe, and we are said to have bid for Gyokeres. I think Muniz will come in and I think he'll do ok, but if we are to be serious promotion contenders we need a boss forward. That Strand Larsen looks a beast and while 12 mil might seem a lot, he may also be worth even more in a year's time. Just pay it Gibbo.

As others have mentioned re yesterday, the midfield also looks a worry since Tav's deperture - and Jones's (hopefully temporary) dip in form. I hope he's not still looking at Choudhary - I posted some Leicester fan comments about him when we were linked the first time: he's a clogger. I think McGree should be given time, but we do need someone to carry/pass the ball forward now Tav has one.
Defensively, it was a bad day at the office but with Fry and McNair on the bench we have alternatives and I think we'll be ok there. It's at the other end of the pitch we'll have problems again though. Forss and Hoppe, yes ok, young players with room to improve as folks have said, but bottom line, that forward line doesn't get you up, sorry.