Greece open to every single European country from Wednesday except for ......


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It is only because they don’t want smug Brits having a go at the rest of the European tourists.

If we go over there we will laud it over them with our world beating track and trace system.
And, remind them that our PM said the world looks at us in envy about how we have dealt with this,
I liken it to those who hate the jobs they do have but don't have the balls to do something about it. I've always been a massive believer in if you hate your job go get another one or do something productive to change your circumstance.

Same applies to countries. Either do something practical to change it for the better however little it may be or move away from the problem if you hate your own country so much.


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Who cares ? The Greeks have enough trouble trying to control immigration without our lads adding to it.
How cares that’s our country has a reputation for failing and killing it’s citizens worse than all others? I do for one. It’s embarrassing. Add brexit on top and we must look so backward in the eyes of the world.


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And, BTW this is important for the economy. The union flag has some power still. People in China used to want luxury good with it on, the Germans build a car with it in the tail lights. It’s marketable.
We are quite rapidly eroding that marketability and that will also cost us