Get behind the team


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We clearly know the manager, and this group of players are here until the end of the season, no matter what.
It seems pointless to me that fans get on their backs at this point. being negative won't help them one bit.
It might seem I'm wearing rose tinted glasses here, but I will be cheering, and encouraging those players through til May.
After that, if we do go down, have your say then, and berate whoever you want.
I've followed Boro for nearly fifty years, we've had good times, and bad times, that's how it goes being a Boro fan.
Yes we've had a poor season, but it's not over yet, Lets get behind Boro, and see what happens



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I agree that everyone needs to get behind the team for the 10 battles that lay ahead. In reality the vast majority of us do on a matchday and always will, come what may.

I do feel the team and Head Coach have a duty to help create the right atmosphere to encourage the fans every bit as much as it applies the other way round. Nobody writing on here good or bad will affect that i am sure.


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Fans have always supported the team and will continue to do so.
But, if they get hacked off they equally have a right to make their displeasure known - at the right time