Germany could go out today

Fancy Spain to beat them today. They were seriously impressive in their first game and Germany seem to remain on the decline.
Should be a hell of a match.

Can see Japan turning over Costa Rica for sure.

Spain were so impressive in their first game but that defence is a real question mark for me, Busquets and Jordi Alba aren’t the same level as the other top teams. Germany are Germany - not the first time they’ve started slow.
There is a well known tactic for winning some money at major tournaments in the group stages. Lay the top 5 or 6 in the competition to not qualify from the group. There is always 1 of 2 that it goes wrong for. Germany and Spain have traded at 1.01 in recent tournaments and failed to get out of their group.
Costa Arica have to win this game really given their terrible goal difference. Wonder if they’ll go for it at some point as they look set up very defensively.
Gutted with that, nice for the Costa Ricans but it probably means Germany will go through ahead of Japan now.

Unless they're absolutely battered by Spain, or Japan get something against Spain, you'd expect them to comfortably win against Costa Rica and overtake Japan on goal difference.
Agree with all who are saying Japan were terrible. Think they suited playing on the counter against Germany, they just don’t have the creativity and skill to unlock a defensive team who don’t leave spaces.
If Spain beat Germany today they could then draw with Japan which would see them win the group and eliminate Germany
Sounds like jurgen has peed off the Iranians

To be fair he basically called them a bunch of cheating cents