Gary Lineker being reined in

Just read Tory MPs are furious that GL has been given ‘carte Blanche to say what he likes’. Cheeky bügger having the right to say what he wants, how dare he 😂😂
Labour need to play on this at PMQs, silencing anyone that disagrees them, outrage that someone doesn't agree with them, are they for democracy and challenge to their views or not? Do they only want free speech when it aligns with their views. Silencing opposition views, maybe Gary had a point.
Indeed and yet some Jewish groups were apparently having a go at Lineker last week which was frankly flabbergasting
I can, sort of, see why Jewish groups would have some discomfort with this. If you take his comparison as a comparison with the Nazi's. I know he didn't say this, nor do I think that is what he meant. However I can see how that would make some uncomfortable.

It's not beyonds the realms of possibilities that the Jewish groups were also affiliated to the tories, so it becomes just a party stance rather than any real outrage.