FourFourTwo magazine top 50 EFL players

It’s just a view isn’t it and, with three relegated Prem teams it’s always gonna be a lottery.
it’s a team game
Wonder how many Luton players would have made it last season?
I've just had a look, surprising at first but also it makes sense.

Some strange players in that list though. Not really sure how Barry Bannan has made it.
It's a very odd method of calculating it

Championship fans submitted a ranked list of their top 10 operators, with first place pocketing 10 points, second receiving nine, down to a single point for 10th. In Leagues One and Two, supporters sent us their top five, with five points for first, down to one point for fifth. The tallies were then totted up, and a weighting given to each division, to reveal our final half-century.

They'd have been better off doing a top 20 or whatever in each division