Forest Official: Joe Worrall [Captain] pre-Middlesbrough.[Video4:53]


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We need to target Worral tonight. I've seen a few of their games recently and he is really poor. He is so slow when trying to turn.


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Is he wrong though? 😂
He probably isn't, however the general answer to this kind of question is usually to say they're a tough side, they'll fight for every ball, or some other bland statement. Once you start straying into reality with these statements you are asking for it to come back and slap you in the face.

Lets be honest him stating that we are rubbish while big-ing up the 'talent' in that Forest squad is fairly laughable. They've had one top ten finish in a decade and won just 12 games last season. they're a poor side, and if we don't get at least a draw I want Warnock out the door in the morning