Football League Cup SF [1st Leg] Forest v United

Looks like United could be putting it to bed.
Nearly a third there.
Wouldnt put much on trees to nick it off United at their place......
Gibbs-White and Johnson both unknowns before featuring in my Notebook 📖✍️

Now playing in the Premier League and a major semi final.....Incredible 👍
How pleasant to have Dire Straits 1985 Live Wembley gig playing in the left ear and BBC Nottingham Forest in the other! (y)
It didn't seem like there was anything stopping them from reaching that point but surely they should be for the safety of the fans and also prevent fans from entering the pitch.
I was thinking the same, something to protect it your always going to get some surge forward when a goal goes in.
Dont worry lads.
They`l be back playing Rotherham and Birmingham next season (y)
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Oh well at least 2k fans were spared a pointless 2nd leg Man Utd only gave Forest 10% and charged £28 .. sure our FA Cup Tickets were £45 last season?