Football Fan Seb Lewis RIP

Charlton Athletic supporter Seb Lewis has passed away from COVID-19 virus - Seb had been to over 1000 Charlton games in a row, his last time at The Valley was against Middlesbrough. The last Championship action. What a sobering thought. And a deeply tragic one.
Charlton fan and Boro friend, Paul Breen has written a moving tribute to a dedicated follower of his club home and away. Sadly lost to the virus.


Cant argue with any of that.
I really like Charlton as a club and their fans.
Similar to brentford. I like to think were like them.
Local, family, part of the fabric of the town.
I see the same faces week in week out on the east coast main line, Cross country or the iron ops.
I class alot as friends now. Talk for ages. Don't know alot of their names but that doesn't matter.
Hopefully this storm will pass with as few of these stories as possible.