First FA Cup Final since 1968

Always a BBC man. Wolstenholme up to 1967 then Coleman until 1979 and then Motson From 1979 with Barry Davies doing just 1 somewhere along the line.
I had the pleasure of meeting Wolstenholme at Stoke Gabriel, Devon. He was stood in the scrumpy queue in front of me. I heard him speak and recognised the voice. He was sharing his 1966 experience with a small group. He only got paid £29 for the whole of the tournament.
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Not many fans would want to attend a final not featuring their team!
Not maybe now no but back when the FaCup Final was one of the most watched games globally you would. I have had the pleasure to see a lot of finals live. My first was Spurs v Man City in 1981. I saw the replay as well. The next was Brighton v Man United replay in 1983. I didn’t go again until 1997 and our final. I saw Chelsea v Arsenal in 2002 in Cardiff. And then a few at new Wembley as my mate had a couple of debenture seats. The early ones were amazing to go to
I agree with the OP entirely. Cup Final day was second only to Christmas Day when I was akid for all the reasons he outlined.

To add weight to the argument that its not what it was I didn't even realise it was today until I read something online last night.
I have no interest anymore in the FA cup bar if we are involved.
The leagues most prestigious knockout contest has now been sold off to the highest bidder, and is now pretty exclusively geared towards the far easts armchair football fans.

The magic of the cup?


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Always bbc for me, though used to switch to ITV for half time analysis if Big Jack was one of their pundits! Wasn't it strange how Jackie was always ITV and Bobby BBC! Lawrie McMemenemy and Paddy Crerand regulars too.