First, Current, All Time

Good one

First is easy......John Hickton
Current.......Jonny Howson but RVDB does bring a huge smile to my face.
All time, tricky. It would have to be someone from Big Jack's, Bruce's or Schteve's tenures. Given the existential threat of the time I'm going for Bruce Rioch himself (you didn't specify player in the original question 😉).
First - Mogga. He was just *everything* I wanted to see in a player as a young lad, and as a centre-half myself. A leader, committed, no-nonsense and absolutely driven. He'd run through brick walls for our club.

Current - Johnny Howson. For me, the epitome of an absolute professional. Even at his age he just keeps getting better and better. During his time here he's become more and more a favourite of mine.

Ever - Very difficult choice. The best player is Juninho, and I adore him. For my money one of the best players in the league during his first stint, and argulably the best. In a better team he'd have won everything IMHO. Despite this he's a very humble guy and for some reason adores a little town called Middlesbrough on the other side of the world from Sao Paulo. However, I also love George Boateng too for very different reasons.
First - Ravanelli - I had his name on the back of my shirt as a young kid and thought it was cool to run around with it over my head.
Current - Howson - Mr. Consistency.
Ever - Viduka or Hasselbaink - Could have picked Juninho but I didn't watch many games before the McClaren/Southgate era.