Fines for self isolation breeches


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I’m all for but how will they be managed. Surely somebody will need to get close to you to give you the fine, assuming it’s on paper surely you are within your rights not to accept mentioned
I’m a bit baffled
As to how this may work in practice. Though full endorse the sentiment.


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Patel has just said they have powers to ensure social distancing is taking place. They seem to think they've got other powers.
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Will the police actually do this though? I saw a group of blokes and kids jet skiing today in Redcar. Surely that is totally taking the p*ss? You would have thought that is the type of thing that the police would stop.


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Fines can only be paid if you have money to pay, some of the lours who are still walking the streets at night causing trouble probably don't have two pennies to rub together