Feedback on new site thread


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Any chance of an update on how beta site testing is going? Is the advertising issue settled now. Are there any changes/improvements in the pipeline? Etc.


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Picked this comment up from Rob from the old board...

"I will be honest - at present we are still struggling to make any money from the new site ie it loses money every week.
I have twice taken advice from google on the situation but we are still trying to find ways for that template to work with adverts so it pays for the server and pays me something of a wage. This template was developed 20 years ago to be able to do that.
We have a really good server now that means the site will not grind to a halt during matches. Next week we will give it a good go to try and make it work.
But no plans to stop this site as yet."

From this thread from earlier today.....
At the end of today’s thread about the stabbing in McDonalds there is a large advert telling you how to get a £10 voucher for McDonalds. Got to love those automated advertising scripts! 🙂