Euro Disney

:ROFLMAO: This escalated quickly. I love this site sometimes for giving solid advice and answering questions directly.

I haven't been to Disney so therefore here's what I think; stay at home and get the Mrs to dress up as Mickey Mouse.

Hope this is as useful as the other answers.
Anyone done it and if so any tips to try and keep the total cost down?

I've done it and had an awesome time, it was whilst the covid restrictions were still on so park was capped at 50% - as such we barely queued for any rides. I've done Florida 6 times and this was my first Disneyland Paris trip, I liked both parks, really great.

Staying in the Disney Hotels isn't as expensive as you may think, plus you have the convenience of being able to walk or get a shuttle to the parks. However, If I was to go back- I'd likely stay off-site somewhere self catering and go to a Hypermarket to stock up as the food options are limited really in the parks. I'd definitely get a car for this reason.

It's not just a bit more to go to Florida these days in comparison to Paris, you are potentially paying 4-5x the total cost. Disneyland Paris is a great option given the convenience of the travel time. I think I'll do Disneyland Paris again once more with my young family before looking to get to Orlando.
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I went 20 years ago, as a treat to my young kids after a long drive from the South where we had the full holiday.

2 days was more than enough for me, wanted to eat some decent food, fed up with junk shops, people who cant queue and queues themselves. Kids who were 4 and 9 loved it, but couldn't do any longer there.
We stayed out of disney hotels and drove to park each day, was more cost effective at the time and gave us some break for kids and commercialism.
If your hotel has a breakfast buffet, take some of the breads and put them in sandwich bags so if you get peckish during the day you don't have to spend nearly 20 euro for a burger and fries.
I went about six months after it opened.

It was ridiculously expensive.

We bumped into some bloke who played for Norwich City in the 80s, I’m buggered if I can remember his name though.

Oh and the French farmers blockaded the motorway on the day we were leaving.

Fun fun fun.
Went years ago. You used to get deals such as free meals if you stayed in their hotels, which back in the day helped keep costs reasonable. I have no idea if they still do the same.

Universal World next door was included in the price and was better that Euro Disney itself. Look at the map and check out the timings of any live shows and try to plan to see things back-to-back.

Kids used to enjoy the parades which were toward the end of the day.

2 or 3 days used to be enough.
They are talking about closing the Euro Disney down.

Are you getting mixed up with the Florida one as the governor Ron DeSantis has right peed then off. Theirs an ongoing legal case over it. Though I think Disney is more likely to win.
First time we went in 2006?7 it wasn't that bad as you were still getting €1.5 to the £. Went 2019 and noticed the difference getting €1.1 ish .....prices had obviously gone up...... certainly noticed money didn't go as far.

Well worth the trip though.
Went in Feb half term...

Drive yourself to allow you to dine off site unless you want to pay ridiculous Disney food prices (6 euros for a coffee, 12 euros for a sandwich etc), go to supermarkets like carrefour or lidl for cold food like baguettes and fillings and drinks. Clubcard vouchers work for le shuttle get them in the next few weeks though before mr tesco drops the redemption boost from 3x the value to 2x.

We stayed in the explorers hotel which has a long opening (0800-2300) pirate themed indoor pool for before you go or when you get back and booked direct with the hotel as it was the cheapest way, a good cold buffet breakfast was included and it also has regular free shuttle buses to the parks.

There's no cheap way to get Disney tickets though they're extortionate but get cheaper if you stay for longer, we got a 4 day park hopper but it was over a grand for the four of us

Paris is fairly cheap on the RER (unless you want to drive to the outskirts) and metro and you can get to see a lot of sights as a bonus part of the trip if you're sick of queuing, kids are free or half price depending on age on the trains too.