Essential Travel?

My daughter is currently still at Uni accommodation in Preston, but has been told she should leave for home by the end of Friday.

Travel by train would take 2 or 3 connections and 5 hours IF they run on time. She is not overly happy with the prospect of public transport as am I.

Would me going to get her in the car (no stopping off points or detours) be classed as essential travel is stopped by the Police?

I am almost certainly going to get her , just wondered how much trouble I might get into.

She has been self isolating (as we have at home) and is not having any symptoms.

Is this a individual case or are the UNI telling them all to go. Obviously I understand your concern but if a mass clear out are the UNI not breaking the law themselves by kicking them out...
to be honest there is only a handful of them left in her building, most of the other courses and students started drifting away last week. There is only 3 of them left on her floor, one lives locally and the other is going home tomorrow.
It’s essential travel for the sake of her well being, she’d be homeless if she wasn’t collected and will need car space to pack some of her stuff up, I can’t see how anyone could claim that it wasn’t an essential journey as she would have to make it in the less safe environment of public transport anyway.
I really don't think you'd get a fine for that. From what I can see it would only be used if crowds were refusing to disperse. Absolutely you should go get her, as said above you knew the answer already. Make sure you have a full tank before you set off and take some food/snacks and a flask of tea/coffee. Good luck and both get back safe (y)