England v Ukraine


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Maddison one the the best 10's about?

Hope we don't shove him out on the left ala Paul Scholes.

Class player said to my mate that day we played Norwich at home after about 5 minutes. Never heard of him but you could tell he was a player!
He or Bellingham is going to be on the left, which is a tad unfair but needs must I guess.

He’s clearly agreed not to start Grealish in both games. Rashford, Sterling and Foden are injured. Surely there was someone else he could have called up for cover, we are looking a bit light on the bench.
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My issue is this is England not s club snd there should never be a time when we don’t have a full squad quota… especially ay home.

It’s s a privilege to play for England not a right, and so all squads should be filled even with u21 players to gain experience if nothing else. If necessary.
My question is if Maddison is so good to start for England today then why wasn’t he good enough to come on as sub in Italy last week or in Qatar last year.

Makes no sense
My question is if Maddison is so good to start for England why went he good enough to come in as sub in Italy last week or in Qatar.

Btw I rate him highly I just think it smacks of Southgate tokenism that he does to play certain players only as a last resort.
Probably because of the number of players who’ve dropped out. Foden, Rashford and Sterling would be ahead of him.
Some quality in the build up there. Just that slight bit of skill making all the difference. Lovely cross.