Electric Ovens

We've got 2 AEG's side by side, they came with the house, probably worth (or cost) a grand each, but they're no better than anything else I've used prior, other than going to 300 degrees (handy for pizza, although still not as hot as I want). I use the Air fryer 20x more than one of the ovens, and the other one has never been used, so is basically a £1,000 clock, that doesn't even serve that purpose as there's another clock on the oven next to it.

For some things, paying more isn't necessarily getting better, so first thing I would look for is a decent guarantee, and buy from a shop where it's easy to return, and a make where there are going to be loads of videos online if you ever need to repair anything.

If you're into air frying and end up buying a new house which has two ovens on the spec, get one refunded and enjoy the use of the cupboard or something else in that space (beer fridge maybe).