Egg shortage?

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I was quoting the NFU? I presume they know farmers. So, other than it being an obvious perspnal attack for no reason, I don't see the relevance of this question.

And this wasn't a personal attack then from further up? "Plus brexit. But I admire how hard you work to deflect from it"



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Not entirely. Retailers pushed the narrative of it being 100% down to avian flu, which exacerbated the issue but was the straw that broke the camel's back for producers. For years eggs have been used as a loss leader with producers constantly pushed to produce close to or below cost of production. There is a constant race to the bottom on price for the retailers, with not a thought spared for the sustainability of the entire supply chain. The huge spikes in cost of feed, along with fuel, electricity etc has made it utterly impossible for many suppliers. Many of whom have opted out of producing at the moment. The long term behaviours of retailers towards suppliers is scandalous
It's been going on for decades.
I used to work for a major food retailer and trust me they bled suppliers dry. Way too powerful.


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that's nice dear:
Anyway away from the personal stuff: Do you think brexit has had an impact on the egg shortage?

Why don’t we try and answer the question for you and if the evidence points to brexit then it’s brexit

However if there’s mitigating circumstances then we either conclude don’t know or simply no

Eggs have soared in cost around the world over the past year as avian flu decimated chicken flocks and fallout from Russia's war with Ukraine raised the prices of energy and animal feed.

In the United States, egg prices have far surpassed the increase in other grocery items, soaring nearly 60% in the 12 months to December compared to the year before. In Japan, wholesale prices have reached a record high.

In New Zealand, which consumes more eggs per person than most countries, the squeeze has been exacerbated by a change in farming regulations.


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It's been going on for decades.
I used to work for a major food retailer and trust me they bled suppliers dry. Way too powerful.
End of the day though consumer behaviour drives everything

People (on the whole) don't want to pay milkman prices or farm shop egg prices and move towards cheaper products all the time so the whole supply chain gets squeezed.


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Do you think you had an impact on Brexit happening to begin with and thus the subsquent egg shortage?
Ah so you DO admit that brexit had an impact!

Good work kiddo, I know we'd get there in the end. I know you'd have to answer with a petty personal dig too. such is your want. Well done you.

Oh and you're wrong. I voted against brexit
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If you are local and can wait until the weekend there is a farmer who sells trays of eggs £3.50 or larger eggs some with double yolks £4.50 a tray,
also sacks of potatoes. Sundays at around 1pm in the Myton shops carpark (near the Vets) in Ingleby Barwick he could be there Saturdays too but not 100% sure. He trades from his van/trailer not one of the shops.


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Lot of stuff written here - let me give you some info (from a retailer - conscious many are wary of any expertise and prefer their theories, but … goes)

* Uk retailers committed years ago to supply British Eggs only - many committed to free range too.
* This isn’t a Brexit issue (trust me, we have plenty of those is supply chains nut not here)
* Ling term agreements are in place with UK suppliers
* There just aren’t egg manufacturers in the rest of the world (incl Europe( sat on plies of eggs just on the off chance we suffer from a shortage.
* Avian flu has decimated flocks in the UK with the resultant egg shortage
* Some retailers, notably Sainsburys, have gone to Europe to try and get supply. They have had some success but are paying through the nose.
* Others, including our business have stuck with sourcing from the UK
* Simple supply and demand - shortage of supply = shortage to consumer at higher prices
* To my knowledge no retailer sells eggs as a loss leader - those days are long gone
* This ain’t going away anytime soon - flocks need replacing and, I suspect some will take this opportunity to exit completely.